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How Do You Find a Top Warehousing Company?

By Will Schneider

It’s no longer necessary to maintain your own warehouse! There are a vast amount of choices out there when selecting a warehousing company. Businesses want to make sure that their products arrive to their destination on time, in one piece, and cheaper than shipping on their own.  Using a Top Warehousing Company can help save you time, stress and money.  Because warehousing companies often get bulk discounts and can spread everyday costs among many different clients, you may find that outsourcing your warehousing may be very beneficial to your company’s success.

What makes a Warehouse good?

Here are a few items to look for:

  • Solid track record of history and/or experience in warehousing
  • Sophisticated inventory management systems to mange inventory and orders
  • Happy customers
  • Systems that help track their performance
  • Processes and procedures in place for picking and shipping with minimal errors
  • Scanning and other technology to automate the picking and shipping process
  • Dedicated customer service support to answer shipping questions
  • Competitive pricing

How to Find a Top Warehousing Company

Once you know what qualities make up a Top Warehouse Company then you are ready to discover the warehouse that is the best for your company. Some of the ways you can find a Top Warehousing Company is by searching Google or other websites or by using word of mouth, such as contacting people that you know that might have a recommendation. To find a top warehouse not only should you research the internet, but you should also do your RESEARCH…By this we mean, go further than just using a few Google key words to locate the best company. Also ask for referrals, ask who their clients are, and look for ways to validate their claims.  Warehousing can be cost-effective strategy for housing your goods, and if you choose a Top Warehousing Company, then your items will ship on time, they will get to the right customer and there will be fewer mistakes from the warehousing company.

Do More Than Just Search Online

Warehouses come in many shapes and sizes.  When choosing a Top Warehouse, look for the qualities we have talked about, and be sure to conduct a detailed analysis.  Do they have the best technology? Can they do more than just warehouse your goods?  What are their return policies? Can they be trusted with your precious cargo?   Don’t just Google “Top Warehouse.” Research, shop around and contact referrals!