The Top Cities for Warehousing Services Companies in New Jersey

bigstock-blue-gradient-new-jersey-map-2315539-217x300New Jersey is often thrown to the side because of its close proximity to New York. However, this is one of the benefits to living here. There are also a number of shows that have helped to stereotype the state, which can give it a good or bad reputation โ€“ including such shows as the Sopranos and Jersey Shore. The state has everything to offer from seascapes to farmland to beautiful mountains. There are also been a number of actors and athletes who have come from New Jersey.

When given the opportunity to explore the state, you will find a variety of small towns, a significant amount of beaches, as well as ski resorts. Plus, every entrepreneur will know that monopolies based upon Atlantic City.

A variety of major cities are found in New Jersey, making it highly desirable for warehousing services.

Trenton Metropolitan Area

The Trenton Metropolitan area is found within Mercer County, and is bordered by Ewing Township, Hamilton Township, Bordentown Township, and many others. While the government is the largest single sector within the city, there are also a number of other economic areas, including manufacturing and read. The Route 1 Corridor makes it highly convenient for various industries.

The capital city also offers a number of programs for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The redevelopment corporation makes it possible for new as well as expanding businesses to locate within the Capital District.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City is most commonly known for its high-rises and casinos. It’s one of the few areas where gambling is permitted within the United States, and people come from all over in order to test their luck. Because of this, there is a significant amount of tourism and the economy is bustling because of the number of hotels, restaurants, and other businesses established within the tourism industry.


Newark receives so much accolades because it is only 8 miles away from Manhattan. It is also home to over 277,000 people. There are plenty of ways to get around the area, including roads, waterways, and the subway. The Newark Liberty International Airport also makes it possible to travel the world โ€“ which is highly beneficial to international businessman.


The city of Paterson is conveniently located on the Passaic River, and is one of the more industrial cities within the nation. Its history dates back all the way to 1792 where Alexander Hamilton was responsible for forming an investment group known as the Society of Useful Manufacturers. Manufacturing continues to be one of the top industries, though there are also a number of small businesses โ€“ topping out at around 50,000 that have fewer than 10 employees.


Elizabeth is conveniently situated between Newark and New York City. There are a number of fun attractions that key people visiting throughout the year. This includes a variety of walking towards, the Ritz Theater, as well as a significant amount of shopping, including all the way down Elizabeth Avenue throughout Midtown.

New Jersey as a Transportation Hub

New Jersey is commonly regarded as a transportation hub and that’s because it’s conveniently located along the East Coast. I-95 runs through it, connecting it to New York, Massachusetts, and many of the other states. There are also major highways that jut to the west, as well as an extensive railway line that will help to bring goods throughout the country. The Port of New Jersey, shared with New York, is also ideal for sending freight out on barges.

Warehousing services are abundant throughout the state because of the diversity that is offered. Contact us to find out more about warehousing solutions that exist for your business in New Jersey.