Top Cities for Warehousing Service Companies in Indiana

bigstock-blue-gradient-indiana-map-usa-2311148-241x300Indiana is a Midwestern state with access to the Contiguous United States, Canada and Mexico. The state has a diverse economy with major industries including manufacturing, research and development, health sciences and agriculture. Indiana has an extensive multi-modal transportation network. All of which make it an ideal location for warehousing services companies.

Several interstates and highways including I-64, I-70, I-80 and I-90 aid ground transportation. The system of interstates grants access to the rest of the country.

There is a vast system of railways that cover the entire state of Indiana. Major railroads include Canadian National Railway, Canadian Pacific Railway, Central Indiana and Western Railroad, CSX Corporation and the Chicago, Fort Wayne and Eastern Railroad.

Several airports serve the state including Evansville Regional Airport, Fort Wayne International Airport, Indianapolis International Airport and South Bend International Airport.

Indiana ranks high in growth prospects and quality of life. It is maintaining a stable manufacturing base, and has low costs for businesses. Several cities stand out as top locations for warehousing services companies in Indiana including Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Evansville.


Indianapolis is the capital of Indiana; it is the second most populous city in the Midwest. Indianapolis is within a single-day’s drive of 70 percent of the nation’s population, lending to its nickname as the “Crossroads of America.” The largest industries include wholesale trade, administrative, support, scientific and technical services, health sciences, transportation and warehousing. The city’s major exports include pharmaceuticals, motor vehicle parts, medical equipment and supplies, engine and power equipment, and aircraft products and parts. Indianapolis is also a major center for motorsports, including the Indianapolis 500.

Four Interstate Highways intersect Indianapolis, I-65, I-69, I-70, and I-74. Two auxiliary Interstate Highways are located in the metropolitan area, Interstate 465 and Interstate 865. Indianapolis International Airport serves the area. The airport is home to the second largest FedEx Express hub in the world, IND ranks as the sixth busiest U.S. airport in terms of air cargo, it handled over 1 million tons in 2015. Railroads in the area include CSX Transportation, Indiana Southern Railroad and Hoosier Heritage Port Authority.

Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne is located in the northeastern part of Indiana. It is the second largest city in the state. Manufacturing has long been a staple in Fort Wayne’s economy. The city was an important trade stop along the Wabash and Erie Canal. The city is rated well for low cost of doing business. Cost of living is also below the national average.

Fort Wayne is served by Interstate 69, which runs south to Indianapolis and north to the Canada–United States border at Port Huron, Michigan. Four U.S. Routes bisect the city, including US 24, US 27, US 30, and US 33. Fort Wayne has two municipal airports, both managed by the Fort Wayne–Allen County Airport Authority and Fort Wayne International Airport. Major railroads in the city include Norfolk Southern and Chicago-Ft. Wayne Eastern Railroad.


Evansville is the largest city in Southern Indiana; it is the commercial, medical, and cultural hub of Southwestern Indiana and the Illinois-Indiana-Kentucky tri-state area. The city has a broad economic base known for stability and diversity. The largest industries are health care, finance, education, and manufacturing, energy, warehousing and distribution. Evansville is the regional center for trade.

Immediate access to many forms of transportation makes Evansville an important factor in Indiana’s global economy. The city boasts an inter-modal system including road, rail and air. Interstates include I-64 and I-69. The Evansville Regional Airport serves the city. Evansville has long been a center for railway traffic. The Evansville and Crawfordsville Railroad was first completed in 1853. Today, CSX Transportation, Evansville Western Railway, the Indiana Southwestern Railway, and the Norfolk Southern Railway serve the city. The Howell Yard in Evansville has inter-modal facilities that handle 3,000 cargo containers per month. Three public and several private port facilities receive year-round service from five major barge lines operating on the Ohio River. The river connects Evansville with all river markets in the central United States and on the Great Lakes, plus international markets through the port of New Orleans.

Indiana as a Warehousing Hub

Indiana has a centralized location and extensive inter-modal transportation system. The low cost of doing business and vast infrastructure give companies an advantage. Access to key markets makes the state an ideal location. Contact us today for more information on the best locations for warehousing services companies.