Top Cities for Warehousing Service Companies in Utah

bigstock-map-of-utah-51341152-240x300Utah frequently makes lists of the best places for business. The location and multi-modal transportation make access to the rest of the United States, Mexico and Canada easy. Utah offers low business costs, high labor supply and steady growth.

Utah has an established history of trade and commerce. The overland telegraph connected the Midwest to California through Salt Lake City. In 1869 the Golden Spike was driven at Promontory Summit, completing the transcontinental railroad. Several cities stand out as exceptional locations for business hubs and warehousing services in Utah including Salk Lake City, Provo, Ogden and St George.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has earned the nickname “Crossroads of the West” for its central location. Healthcare and transportation are major industries in the city, in fact, it is knows as an industrial banking and transportation center. The city is ranked number seven on Forbes list of Best Places for Business and Careers. Over the last several years, the state has invested significant resources into upgrading the transportation network, including new investments in the Interstate 15 corridor. The Utah Transit Authority has also added 70 miles of new rail service over a seven-year period, including a connecting line to Salt Lake City International Airport. Residents enjoy the efforts of the state in making public transportation easily accessible, including light rail. Air freight is made simple through Salt Lake International Airport.

When it comes to living in the city, AreaVibes rates Salt Lake City high when it comes to amenities, noting activities like theater, dining out and access to outdoor activities including hiking, skiing and snowboarding. There are numerous world-class resorts in the area.


The city of Ogden sits east of the Great Salt Lake and north of Salt Lake City. Ogden has long been a railway hub and is still a center for freight rail traffic, making it an ideal location for manufacturing, warehousing and commerce. Ogden is the economic hub for the northern part of Utah. Several industrial areas are located in the western part of the city. Major interstates include I-15 and I-84. Ogden also has Utah’s busiest municipal airport, Ogden-Hinckley Airport.

Ogden is ranked number eight on Forbes list of Best Places for Business and Careers. The outdoor activities in the city are highlighted, “An extensive trail system, immediately adjacent to the city’s eastern edge, gives residents and visitors immediate access to the foothills of the Wasatch Range. The foothill trails are used for hiking, running, mountain biking, and sometimes snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.”


The city of Provo is located south of Salt Lake City. When it comes to ground transportation I-15, US-89 and US-189 all run through the city. Rail freight is also available. Provo Municipal Airport provides commercial services.

Provo been ranked highly by Forbes including one of the Best Small And Medium-Size Cities For Jobs, number two on Best Places for Business and Careers and number two in Job Growth. AreaVibes notes the amenities, cost of living and education level as great reasons to live and work in Provo.

St George

St George is located in the southwest part of Utah, along the border with Arizona. It is the fifth fastest-growing metro area in the country. Ground transportation is aided by direct access to I-15 and I-70, which connects Utah to the East Coast of the United States. St. George Regional Airport connects St George to several large cities including Denver and Phoenix.

St George has earned the number two spot for Job Growth according to Forbes. It also highlights the city’s natural beauty saying, “St. George’s trademark is its geology, specifically the red bluffs which make up the northern part of the city with two peaks covered in lava rock in the city’s center. The northeastern edges of the Mojave Desert are visible to the south.”

Utah as a Warehousing Hub

Utah has a growing economy while maintaining low costs for business. Its location is perfect for transporting goods across the Contiguous United States. The state puts emphasis on developing multi-modal transportation, making ground, rail and air transport easy. Salt Lake International Airport is also connected to several regional airports. Major interstates run through all of the big cities. Several railway hubs connect Utah to the rest of the country. Utah is an ideal location for warehousing, transportation and commerce. Contact us today for more information on the best warehouse solutions for your company.