Top Cities for Warehousing Services Companies in Florida: Big Business in the Sunshine State

bigstock-blue-gradient-florida-map-usa-2309642-296x300If you’ve ignored Florida as a main hub for your warehousing, you’re missing out on a major part of the state’s industry. Statistics show that the logistics industry employs more than half a million people in Florida. You’ll also find some of the top logistics companies here, which isn’t surprising considering it’s an advantageous location on the map.

While you may instantly think of Miami as a top spot for warehousing, the whole of Florida is ideal for reaching various ports. Plus, with the state’s easy access to global markets through the Atlantic, you can basically cover the world after finding a warehouse in any Floridian city.

The question is, which cities benefit you the most based on your own business structure and products? Thanks to over 14 Florida cities having ports, the options are open for transporting goods to any place, including quick delivery within the Sunshine State.

Here’s top cities for warehousing service companies in Florida where you have plenty of multimodal choices.

Miami and the Port of Miami

You have to consider Miami first because of its perfect location and being near the Port of Miami. Thanks to recent capital improvements at the port equaling $1 billion, they’re ready for the next generation of containerized cargo. For a nearby warehouse, this is important having state-of-the-art equipment at the port for faster deliveries to important overseas markets.

It’s true that Miami can help you reach many markets you’ve perhaps never considered. They have frequent sailings to the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. Plus, it only takes 3-4 days to reach Midwest markets like Chicago, or up to New York.

Because warehouses are very competitive in Miami, it’s not always easy to find one there. So consider some other nearby cities offering intermodal ways to deliver your products.

Jacksonville, Florida

A lot of big-name distribution centers have popped up in Jacksonville lately, though you’ll find many small to mid-sized 3PL warehouses in the region as an alternative to Miami.

Being near the Jacksonville Port Authority also helps, especially with its diversity in the type of products it ships domestically and internationally. Recent reports show this port had a record-setting year for container cargo business, proving how essential of a shipping hub it is.

Many warehouses in the Jacksonville area now make major lists for being some of the fastest-growing in the city or state.

Pensacola, Florida

Being near the Gulf of Mexico has benefits since any warehouse in Pensacola has Port Pensacola nearby. They offer one of the quickest transits through the Gulf, helping you get your products faster to foreign markets in the Latin America and Caribbean regions.

The connectivity in Pensacola is impressive, including a Class 1 rail line, interstate I-10, and Pensacola International Airport. You’ll be able to take advantage of full marine terminal services that range from bulk to special project cargo.

Logistics jobs are plentiful in the Pensacola area, so you know you have a lot of warehouses to choose from.

Tampa, Florida

To show you an example of how much logistics help Florida’s economy, Tampa and Port Tampa bring in $15 billion in annual economic impact. It gives proof of how well-centered Florida is for reaching virtually all markets. Even reaching Midwest states is only a few days out by rail or truck.

On a more local basis, you can ship to eight million consumers within the state. You can reach 30 million more people within just an eight-hour drive.

Port Tampa Bay is the #1 economic engine for West Central Florida, giving every incentive to choose Tampa first if Miami isn’t available.

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