Top Cities for Warehousing Services Companies in Oregon: More Beyond Portland

bigstock-map-of-oregon-54291056-300x240Oregon is an outstanding state to consider when finding a logistics warehouse because it serves the entire U.S. West coast, Canada, and has quick access to Pacific ports. Nevertheless, one thought might cross your mind: Portland is the only city that matters as the best central location.

While it’s true Portland has a lot of advantages for warehousing (including containing many 3PL warehouses), it’s far from the only city giving your quality services. In fact, one city to the state’s south had recent accolades for being one of the best logistics cities in Oregon.

If you haven’t visited the Beaver State for a while or ever, it’s time to get to know some other prominent cities there where logistics provide you some great advantages on a local and international basis.

Here’s the top cities for warehousing service companies in Oregon that go beyond the beauty of the famous places.

Why Portland Still Matters

The Port of Portland is one of the main reasons to look for warehousing in Portland or vicinity first. With a 125-year history, the port here serves everything from air service to shipping into the Pacific. Portland International Airport is still a major part of the port, and you can ship cargo to any location around the globe, though also locally.

You’ll now find direct routes every day to southern Oregon locations like Klamath Falls, allowing quick delivery to your customers within the state.

Those of you who’ve visited Portland know it’s a thriving place, so finding a warehouse is usually very competitive. It’s why you’ll need to do careful vetting to find the right place for your business structure. Considering I-5 is right near by, you’ll have easy motor routes from California up to the Canadian border.

Springfield as a Logistics-Friendly City

Maybe you’ve never heard of Springfield, yet it’s part of the better-known Eugene metropolitan area. What you probably didn’t know is Springfield had a vote as being one of the Top 25 logistics-friendly cities in America.

At the heart of this is cheaper operations for warehouses there thanks to low labor and energy costs. Focusing on Portland, warehouse operating costs are frequently substantially higher, so Springfield is a smart option.

Besides, you’re not far from Portland when shipping by rail or by truck. I-5 connects you to the entire valley of Oregon. Going to Seattle for more international shipping wouldn’t cost a fortune either considering I-5 is a beeline to the Emerald City.

Centering in on Salem, Oregon

As the capital city in Oregon, Salem is another good alternative to Portland. Only 40 miles to the south, Salem has some good warehouses that help you branch out into the local and international arenas.

The city has an industrial section in its downtown area that can help you distribute by rail, truck, river, or by air. In the latter case, most items can go to Portland in less than an hour to fly out via PDX.

You’ll find a main rail line here that goes up and down the West Coast, as well as reaching eastern markets in just a day or two.

Klamath Falls, Oregon

Closer to the southern Oregon border is Klamath Falls, which has some good warehousing services in the region. It’s a beneficial location since you can reach the California border quicker for rush deliveries to Northern California customers.

Freight trucking is a major strong suit in Klamath Falls, allowing you to focus on truck deliveries throughout the state for more local customer attention. Now that the population in this part of the U.S. exceeds the Northeast (according to 2015 census figures), Oregon is a great state to base a warehouse to cover perhaps more than half of your customer list.

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