Top Cities for Warehousing Services Companies in Washington State: From Seattle to Vancouver

bigstock-map-of-washington-d-shape-52296418-300x225If you’re looking to find a warehouse in Washington State, you’ve picked one of the best locations to cover the NW quadrant in America, though it’s more comprehensive than you think. Consider you can quickly cover Canada and easily do deliveries into Oregon and California. You’re also capable of veering into the U.S. Southwest, plus parts of the Midwest.

Then consider the advantages in having nearby Pacific ports that help you tap into the Pacific Rim, which holds enormous opportunity.

While you may look at Seattle as being the true Emerald City for logistics, don’t ignore surrounding cities to the north and south of the state. Various opportunities exist in other cities that give you the same benefits as you’d find in Seattle.

What’s important is to vet all of your warehouse choices in each city. With this in mind, here’s top cities for warehousing service companies in Washington State where you may discover places you never thought about.

Start With Seattle First

It doesn’t hurt to see if you can find a warehouse in Seattle before trying other cities. The reasons are obvious, though a major plus is being near the Port of Seattle. As a major international trade resource, you can’t go wrong finding a warehouse nearby to take advantage of their numerous logistics services.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on the grounds of the port helps add even more to bring fast delivery. Because customers want faster delivery than ever, Sea-Tac Airport helps get your products off to 71 domestic and 19 international destinations.

It also helps that this part of Seattle is a Foreign Trade Zone #5, which helps you immensely to save money on shipping charges and complex customs.

Along with two interstate highways going through Seattle and the BNSF Railway and Union Pacific Railroad not far away, try the Emerald City first. Yet, other cities exist giving you identical warehousing capability.

Tacoma, Washington

In Tacoma, you have a perfect alternative to Seattle if you can’t find a warehouse available to you. You’re near the Port of Tacoma, which is part of the Northwest Seaport Alliance to strengthen the Puget Sound gateway.

This port has renown for exceptional customer care and modern equipment to make sure all your logistics work at optimum level. Thanks to this and Tacoma’s role in logistics, they’ve helped generate $4.3 billion in economic activity. It’s all the proof you need other cities outside of Seattle play a major part in upholding warehousing as a key component in the overall economic picture.

Vancouver, Washington

One major benefit to Vancouver is you’re right on the border of Oregon and Washington, giving you a chance to deliver into Oregon and beyond with ease. The Port of Vancouver is a major aspect, especially because they describe themselves as being at the crossroads between ocean-bound and river shipping lanes. They’re also close to major highways and rail lines to ship to virtually anywhere domestically.

Basically, Vancouver is a suburb of Portland, Oregon, letting you connect to Oregon in a substantial way. You have PDX (Portland International Airport) close to you from Vancouver, giving you quick air access to international markets in every corner of the globe.

Vetting Your Washington State Warehouses

While these are some of the best Washington cities, not all warehouses are going to fit your business structure, or even have stellar services. Most warehouses in America provide efficient services, yet not all are going to fit the type of logistics your products need. Sometimes this occurs because they aren’t fully updated on technology.

At, we’ll help you find the best warehouses in America using our unique vetting services.

Contact us to learn more about warehousing in Washington State and other top-tier warehouses around the nation.