Warehousing Services

What are Warehousing Services?

Warehousing CompaniesWarehousing services include, but are not limited to, receiving orders from a business’s customers, locating the required products from inventory, preparing the client’s order for shipping, and ensuring the product is shipped to the correct location with the correct documentation and packaging.

Receiving the orders from the business’s clients can be via online ordering systems linked to the warehousing services computer inventory systems or by various other methods depending on the business’s capabilities. Business’s may do their ordering via call centers, catalogs, or strictly through their website.

Locating the products in done either electronically, by hand, or by heavy equipment depending on the products being ordered and the facility’s capabilities. Some orders may use different methods even for the same client.

Preparing the orders for shipping can be done either electronically,  by hand, or a combination of the two determined by the quantities being processed and the conditions required by the product. Some products may need special handling depending on fragility or size.

Product shipping includes managing the shipping methods used or required contingent of client needs and the product itself. Managing electronic tracking procedures and quality control to effectively diminish and report errors. Also, this includes the client specified shipping methods and special procedures requested.

More warehousing services may be offered based on the warehousing company’s capabilities with regards to manpower, space available, and implemented technologies. The above services are fairly universal when it comes to warehousing companies in general as far as the minimum services they should be able to provide.

Companies looking into an outsourced warehousing services solution should understand their wants and needs to ensure the company will be able to provide for their clients in a satisfactory manner.

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