The Top Cities for Warehousing Services Companies in Massachusetts

bigstock-blue-gradient-massachusetts-ma-2315260-300x254Massachusetts is one of the thirteen original colonies and while it’s most predominantly known for Boston and the surrounding areas, it has so much more going for it. Many businesses choose to set up here because it’s the epi-center of New England.

World class universities are found throughout the state and it is one of the leaders in healthcare as well. This allows people to get great educations and come here to visit some of the best doctors in the world. Further, it is a tourism center because of the metropolitan Boston as well as Salem, famous for its witch trials.

Some of the biggest cities in the state are in need of warehousing services, including Boston, Worcester, and Cambridge.

Boston Metropolitan Area

Boston is ranked as one of the largest metropolitan areas, with a population of close to two million. Forbes has listed it as #14 in Education and #64 in Job Growth, with an unemployment rate of only 4 percent.

Top industries within the city includes education and financial services, with biotechnology and tourism coming in right behind them. Millions of people travel to Boston annually to be able to see a NFL Patriots Game, an MLB Red Sox game, or go on one of the duck tours that takes them around the city and into the Charles River.


Worcester is to the east of Boston and takes pride in being one of the best kept secrets of the state. The population has been growing extensively in recent years and more businesses are choosing to open their doors here as opposed to competing in the cities to the east. The economy is innovative and some of the top industries include manufacturing, education, and healthcare. There are also more professional and technical firms opening up and much of this has to do with tax incentives offered by the city.


Located in the southwest part of the state, Springfield has a number of Fortune 500 companies based here, including Merriam-Webster and Wesson Corp. They produce a lot of goods here as well, including firearms, automobile accessories, and games and toys. For those who wish to visit and stay for a few days, there is also the Bizarro theme park and water park.


Lowell earned its place on the map because it is the home of the American Industrial Revolution. Right along the Pawtucket Falls, it made sense for it to happen here because of being near both the Merrimack and Concord Rivers. A significant amount of manufacturing took place here and still does.


With a population of just over 107,000, this city is home to some of the best universities in the world. This includes both Harvard University and MIT. There have also been a large number of startups and inventions that have taken place here, including Facebook, Guitar Hero, and many more. Forbes has named the city one of the “smartest” in America and there are more people with a bachelor’s degree or higher here than any place else in the nation.

Massachusetts as a Transportation Hub

Massachusetts makes sense as a transportation hub for a variety of reasons. It’s right in the middle of New England and is along the Eastern shoreline, providing an array of ports. I-95 runs along the side while I-90 connects it from the east to the west, making many of the other states accessible. Various rail lines are found throughout the state as well, providing a convenience for companies to be able to have their freight needs met.

With so many industries found in Massachusetts, it makes sense for warehousing services to be found here. Contact us now to learn about the warehousing solutions that you can find for your company in Massachusetts.