The Top Cities for Warehousing Services Companies in Pennsylvania

bigstock-blue-gradient-pennsylvania-map-2320374-300x244Pennsylvania has a wide array of attractions, ranging from its four distinct seasons throughout the year to its mountains, rivers, and booming cities filled with family-friendly activities. It’s one of the 13 original colonies and is where the Declaration of Independence was signed many years ago. There’s farmland, national forests, and many outdoor locales to visit.

The state has a great economy in place with the top industries being industrial machinery, fabricated metal products, food and kindred products, chemicals, and printing/publishing. Large companies from around the world call PA home, including none other than chocolate giant, Hershey’s, which has its own city.

Pennsylvania’s history is rich, being around since the formation of our country. Many of the industries have remained the same, with Benjamin Franklin being a large part of the printing industry and steel mills that have been running for hundreds of years. From Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and everywhere in between, there are cities perfect for warehousing services companies in Pennsylvania.


Pittsburgh is where a large amount of the industrial machinery and equipment can be found. The Department of Labor and Industry in the state estimates 42,000 manufacturers throughout the state, and the number is increasing because of the demand for components and parts thanks to the energy and natural gas boom.


Philadelphia is the star city, being to the east and close enough to New York City and many of the other eastern cities. It is also home to the Eagles, an NFL team that many people root for throughout the football season. Many Fortune 500 companies are based here and it is also the seventh largest metropolitan city in the United States. Higher education, manufacturing, food processing, and telecommunications are amongst the top industries.


Harrisburg is of course the capital of the state and is home to around 49,000 people. Hershey is just to the east, dubbed as the “Sweetest Place on Earth.” The Hershey Chocolate Factory is found here and helps to bring in a significant amount of revenue, employing thousands of people and bringing in millions to the Hershey Park.


Scranton is best known for being a railroad hub, which dates back to 1849. Much of its history has to do with the steam engine and railway expansion, though it has since become a place for exploring nature. Various caverns are here, along with bird and wildlife watching. More small businesses choose to be here as opposed to the larger metropolitan cities. There’s a US Army Department just to the south as well, bringing in a lot of military personnel.


Allentown boasts a population of around 118,000 people. It’s about 90 minutes from Philadelphia and has one of the better costs of living in the state. Financial programs are in place for businesses who wish to get started or expand, which makes it home to many entrepreneurs. The city also has 17 square miles of real estate for commercial, industrial, and manufacturing use, providing plenty of growth opportunities for businesses.

Pennsylvania as a Transportation Hub

Pennsylvania makes sense as a transportation hub because of the many railway systems. Major cities are spread across the state, providing easy access to not only the East Coast, with New Jersey and New York close by, but also the west, with Ohio and West Virginia as its bordering states. I-80 runs east to west across the state while several highways run through the north and south, making it easy to run throughout Pennsylvania and into border states.

Pennsylvania is a thriving state with a wide array of warehousing services. Contact us today to find out what warehousing solutions exist for your company.