Top Cities for Warehousing Service Companies in New York: From the Big Apple to Buffalo

bigstock-blue-gradient-new-york-map-us-2315540While the West Coast has a lot of advantages to warehousing and logistics, the East Coast has just as many benefits thanks to numerous ports covering the Atlantic. We all know New York is a great state, especially if you run a business anywhere near New York City. Considering the Big Apple is the true hub of commerce and with a high population, it’s no surprise why any business would work with a warehouse there.

However, it’s not the only area of New York you should look at. Even if you think all the action and the biggest populace hovers around the NYC area, upper New York is just as advantageous. It’s so close to New Jersey’s port, as well as a short drive to the big city.

Here’s the top cities for warehousing service companies in New York and why it’s such a great state to cover the entire second half of the U.S.

New York City and the Port of New York

Despite being a very competitive city, it’s still worth the effort to see if you can find a warehouse in the New York City area. One reason is obvious: You’re near the Port of New York, cited as one of the most important port-related intermodal locations. Currently, the port ranks second to Los Angeles and Long Beach, California.

When you consider the high population in the NYC area, you’ll be able to accommodate a lot of customers without your logistics warehouse having to travel far. Nevertheless, with the Port of New York nearby (shared with New Jersey), you’ll have access to many European outlets, as well as domestically. Many new markets into the Midwest, New England, and Eastern Canada are accessible here.

The port itself notes that 80 million consumers exist in the New York/NJ metropolitan area, giving you all the incentive to warehouse in this region if there’s any openings.

Rochester, New York

Moving into upper New York, you have a few cities you may want to look at as alternatives if you can’t find a warehouse immediately in New York City. Rochester is a great city since it’s located along the shore of Lake Ontario, and in the western portion of New York to cover nearby states.

The vicinity to Lake Ontario makes it easy to tap markets in the Province of Ontario, Quebec, giving you a great funnel to customers in Canada. In addition, you’re not that far by truck or rail to the NYC area if you find most of your customers huddled in this area.

Buffalo, New York

With Buffalo located along Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, you’re close to Canadian markets once again. Being in a Foreign Trade Zone besides, you have access to many shipping opportunities here with discounted rates.

You’re within one day’s travel to 55% of the rest of the U.S., making Buffalo an outstanding central place to reach many states you might otherwise miss. It’s also worth noting Buffalo is near eight international ports of entry, helping you to ship internationally with ease.

Along with three rail services nearby and being near Buffalo-Niagra International Airport, you have virtually every intermodal travel method covered. In Buffalo, you’re additionally equipped to ship to 65% of Canadian customers, giving you access like nowhere else in the New York area.

Vetting the Right Warehouse

No matter what city you choose in New York, you need to vet each warehouse carefully so you get the quality your business needs. At, we help businesses connect with the right warehouses for 3PL services.

Contact us to learn more about what we do, and keep reading our blogs this season as we cover warehousing in other great U.S. cities.