Top Cities for Warehousing Services Companies in California: Logistics in the Golden State

bigstock-blue-gradient-california-map-2309627Finding a warehouse for your business’s logistics services can play a major strategy in how fast you get our products to certain locations. The West Coast is still a major hub for finding warehousing because of the ports available and the ability to import easily to Asian countries. However, you don’t need to choose warehouses in every western state.

California is an excellent central location for finding a warehouse because it’s such a great central point to reach all western regions, including the southwest and even into the Midwest.

However, various California cities have specific advantages over others. Mostly, this has to do with being closer to California’s ports and the most popular city: Los Angeles.

It doesn’t mean all the best cities in California hover around the L.A. area.

Here’s the top cities for warehousing service companies in California to help you make a more informed choice for the smartest logistics.

Los Angeles and Long Beach Area

Considering these cities are the second largest metropolitan areas in California, it’s no secret why many businesses prefer to obtain warehouses here. Above all, it’s near major ports for importing and exporting across the Pacific Rim. You’re in a strategic spot to ship your items through the Port of Los Angeles, which is no more than a short drive away.

Even so, surrounding areas near Los Angeles are just as popular. The New York Times did a piece on Moreno Valley, California a few years ago, showing how many logistics warehouses have popped up there. Otherwise known as the Inland Empire, it’s become one of the most bustling trade gateways being so close to L.A.

After severe economic downturn in this part of California over the years, warehouse jobs have helped bring more substantial careers to the region.

Riverside and San Bernardino, California

Only 60 miles away from Los Angeles, these metropolitan areas in California have become equally popular due to high populations, though less congestion than L.A. has. You’ll also find lower property values around Riverside, which could make warehousing not quite as expensive for your business.

Once again, you’re a few hours away from Los Angeles while also being near major arterial highways that take you into the southwest, as well as north to Oregon and Washington.

It’s not to say you need to keep yourself in the center section of California. You’ll find some advantages to warehousing more north or south.

San Francisco or Oakland, California

With the Port of Oakland and the Port of San Francisco being some of the most important ports in Southern California, you have every reason to consider this area for warehouse logistics.

The Port of San Francisco is almost as large as the one in Los Angeles, and the Port of Oakland has ranking as the fourth biggest seaport in the nation.

You’re still not extremely far from the bigger cities to the north either if you need to use port services in Los Angeles. Even so, some cities you maybe didn’t expect should still go on your radar.

Stockton, California

Northern California has many advantages, including finding warehouses in or around Stockton. Here, you’ll be near the Port of Oakland while close by to I-5 and 99. These highways give you immediate access to all major cities in California, including Nevada and Arizona.

Plus, the Port of Stockton is another viable port with 24/7 service. Thanks to the Marine Highway barge service here, it’s easier to transport ocean-bound containers to Oakland to ship out to other countries. Another advantage to the Port of Stockton is it’s in a Foreign Trade Zone, giving you savings on shipping charges.

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