Top Cities for Warehousing Services Companies in Ontario, Canada: Toronto and More

Map Photography: Toronto City on a Road Map
Map Photography: Toronto City on a Road Map
In our revived series on top warehousing cities in the U.S., we realized Ontario, Canada shouldn’t get placed in the background. That and other Canadian provinces take part in being one of the strongest logistics centers in serving today’s world markets. The Toronto area, especially, is a place you can’t ignore since it’s not too far away if your business is in the U.S. east coast region.

Thanks to Canada’s major strengths in road, rail, and water infrastructure, you truly connect your U.S. customers in a unique way. Even so, Ontario, Canada has numerous cities within itself, namely Toronto as the star city.

It’s worth exploring the possibilities with Toronto first, since it’s become a true leader in distribution. However, remember Ontario has other notable cities like Ottawa, and Mississauga as just a few. All of these have major populations to serve if you want to ship within Canada.

Here’s the top cities for warehousing service companies in Ontario, Canada, including Toronto and beyond.

What Makes Toronto Stand Out?

With a population of 2.6 million, Toronto is at a thriving level as New York City. Because of this, you’ll likely have a lot of competition in getting a warehouse here. Even so, statistics show Toronto as the largest distribution hub in all of Canada.

This should give you incentive to try there first since you’re right near the U.S. border. Plus, you have access to 135 million people in the immediate area, something doubling the surrounding population in New York City.

Port Montreal nearby is a leader in importing goods to other countries, giving you access by ship to major markets around the globe. Plus, you have Pearson International Airport not far away for all your air cargo.

If you can’t immediately find a warehouse in Toronto, it’s worth trying in other nearby big cities in Ontario that are just as important logistically.


While a slightly lower population than Toronto, don’t discount Ottawa as an advantageous location for warehouses. The Port of Ottawa is top quality, including giving you a website letting you do container tracking, load calculating, logistic route planning, and figuring transit time.

A lot of warehouses in the Ottawa area have base connections to the U.S. for easy distribution there. Plus, you have the Trans-Canada Highway nearby, called Highway 417 through Ottawa. With this highway system, you can deliver across Canada and connect to major U.S. interstates.


As the third largest city in Ontario at over 700,000 people, you’ll be able to find many warehouses here giving you intermodal shipping options. Many of the best warehouses cover everything from air, truck, to ocean freight. They also help with more unique details related to warehousing like skidding, crating, shrink wrapping, and palletizing.

Another benefit to Mississauga is being near Highway 401, often called Ontario’s Main Street. It covers the entirety of Canada from coast to coast, including taking you into U.S. states. This highway is also one of the busiest in North America.

Other highways your warehouse can use for delivery include Highway 403, 409, 410, 427, Queen Elizabeth Way, and 407.

Properly Vetting Your Canadian Warehouses

Some Canadian warehouses might have different policies from what you’re used to in America. That’s why you need to vet your Ontario warehouses as thoroughly as possible so you know what you’re getting into.

Here at, we want to introduce our Warehousing Companies site where you can get expert vetting through rigorous screening, impartial advice, and free services.

You’ll get multiple price quotes from the most established warehouses so you can make a smart decision to suit your business structure.

Contact us to find out more about our procedures, and keep reading our explorations of top cities for warehousing.