Top Cities for Warehousing Services in Missouri

bigstock-blue-gradient-missouri-map-us-2315300It would be accurate to say that the top cities for finding warehousing service companies in Missouri usually coincide with the largest and most populated areas, but this is not a hard and fast rule. Although this is probably true for most industries in any state, but there’s more to it than that. The types of warehousing and other services play a huge role in suiting the consumer needs.

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City is the largest metropolis in the state of Missouri, located right on the state line bordering Kansas. For this reason it is also considered as a resource providing services to Kansas as well, which is great for both states, but does mean a larger pool of potential clientele is pulling on a limited number of services.

When researching warehousing options, like those available in Kansas City, it’s important to discern between storage facilities and actual full-service warehouses that handle food grade, chemical and commercial storage. Do they handle shipping overseas? Are their reputations in customer service as impressive as their facilities may be? Depending on your needs, you may only need one of these classifications, but a full-service warehouse also deals with distribution and other aspects of warehousing. Kansas City has several choices in this arena.

St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis is the second largest city in Missouri, but offers a comparable amount of options for warehousing and does not have the demand of two states to contend with. Although this destination of over 300,000 residents does not provide as many options as Kansas City, it is competitive for its size and location.

The assumption that all big cities will offer good warehousing options is proven wrong in the case of Springfield, Missouri. Springfield is the third largest city in Missouri and offers no full-service warehousing. A routine search without attention to the details above would display a couple of warehousing options, but dig a little deeper and you’d find that one only deals in floral inventory and the other is simply a storage facility.

St. Joseph, Missouri

St. Joseph is located just northwest of Kansas City and therefore has probably taken advantage of the proximity and the needs of both bordering states, to help accommodate the growing number of warehousing consumers in the area. This effort benefits the smaller city as well as the host of consumers looking for a wide array of options. There are certainly not near the number of options in St. Joseph, but there are enough to provide a great alternative for those looking to be outside of the city or when the city’s resources are especially strained.

Columbia, Missouri

Columbia is also a great example of disproving the stereotype, being that it is a tiny town. It’s location right in between Kansas City and St. Louis, provides an excellent venue for anyone in either of those cities, but again wanting to warehouse in a less congested area. There is only one option for warehousing in Columbia, but considering the size of the town, that is a worthwhile consideration.

These five locations are not just the best options for warehousing in Missouri, but there are the only options and all are located in the northern half of the state. This is important to note before making a decision about your housing and distribution needs for your company in Missouri. You might find one warehouse located on the southern state line, but again, closer inspection will reveal that this warehouse deals only in cotton.

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